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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Photographer - Poetry, Photography and Text Fused into Art

What do you get when you combine the following elements? a photograph and stylized text design. It is a different view of art. The poetry whose letter and words function as design and artistic elements on the canvas. In this case the choice was metallic paper mounted on foam core.

What do you see? Is it the stylized text or the text underneath the conscious of your mind, your eyes supporting the illusion and reality of the photo that is the background. You are able to zoom in and out of the photograph and simplicity and complexity are the contrast or is it the lack of color, save for a few areas in the work?

What happens when you see a photograph of this work? It becomes a photograph within a photograph. Thus, it is art at different levels.

Richard M. Reyes
2010 October 19

Fleeting moments of life
Small emotions in light

Honored is the photographer

Within and without
In the midst of
Individuals and groups

Artist and subject
Fused in a photograph

Photographer and Camera
The artist's easel and canvas
Subject transformed into
The muse and the paint
Creativity and artistry
Is the brush and stroke

Humbled is the photographer

A witness
To life and death
In images

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