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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Archie D - Autumn 2010

NEW JERSEY - Archie Dairocas, Pagadian, is more well known as Archie D. He is an accomplished Filipino-American composer and singer and part of Vicor Music Corporation (formerly Sunshine Records). He has returned to the US from the Built to Sound Good concert series in the Philippines last September.

Last 2010 October 31, Archie D had an awesome photography shoot in Alpine, NJ with photographer Richard M. Reyes of It was a good time to capture the highlight of Autumn in the United States, particularly the Northeast USA, which has a lot of different types of trees that have magnificent color.

These are just some of the photos from the shoot. For the entire gallery click here.

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* Archie D interviewed by Dave Brodsky, producer of Rhythms of New York

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