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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nobody But You - Wonder Girls HD music video

This is US version of a music video of Nobody But You performed by the Wonder Girls. It has over 15 million hits on Youtube. Looks like a high-end production of a music video. The original version of the video and song is sung in English/Korean.

This is a remix by Lester featuring JayT

This is a slow version of Nobody But You. Anonymous.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Queens Asian Feastival article published on Associated Content!

Queens Asian Feastival article (collaborated with Luis Pedron) has been published on Associated Content

20100922 Site Updates

* page has been redesigned.
+ A photo wall has been added displaying the Flickr (adecisiontolove) gallery
+ Quick links bar has been re-formatted

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

See What's Down Right Now

Newly added feature to A Decision to Love Blog:
* Ability to see major sites that have connectivity issues at the bottom of the webpage (just keep scrolling down). Sites such as twitter, and facebook have current status information.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bayanihan Cultural Festival

NEW YORK - 2010 September 19, Sunday. After a few days of chilly weather, most New Yorkers may have thought that summer was over. It was a warm 83 degrees. Despite the warm (hot under prolonged sun exposure) temperature there were about 1000 visitors to the 2nd annual Bayanihan Cultural Festival held at the Hart Playground in Woodside, Queens. The Hart Playground is only a block away from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway when coming from the Triborough Bridge and the Grand Central Parkway. It is also home to thousands of Filipino families who call it home. Businesses such as Johnny Air Cargo, Krystal's Cafe, Ihawan, Renee's Kitchenette, Fil-Am Grocery, Perlas ng Silangan, and Fritzie's Bakery also call it home.

Paruparung Bukid from Richard Reyes on Vimeo.

Filipino-American Senior Citizens from the Ridgewood-Bushwick Senior Center in Brooklyn, New York participated in this year's Bayanihan Cultural Festival performing two numbers (Paruparuhang Bukid - Field Butterfly) and a Paypay (Fan) Dance.

Paypay Dance from Richard Reyes on Vimeo.

Please click here to see the entire gallery:

D'ANZFABRIQUE - September 17, 2010

NEW YORK - D'ANZFABRIQUE at the Kalayaan Hall of the Philippine Center in New York City. A production by Miguel Braganza II fusing performing arts (modern dance, folk dance, Filipino martial arts, tap, fashion runway modeling, ballet, Broadway, showtunes, R&B, hiphop, into a fully energized, well-organized, action packed entertainment package.

See the full gallery here:

Video of the DANZFABRIQUE finale

DANZFABRIQUE 20100917 Finale from Richard Reyes on Vimeo.

Greatest Hitmakers Meet & Greet @ Payag

NEW YORK - September 17, 2010. Just one day after the mini "tornado" in New York City the Meet and Greet for the Greatest Hitmakers: Marco Sison, Rico J. Puno, Rey Valera & Nonoy Zuniga took place at Payag Restaurant. Contrary to rumors on the Internet, the Meet & Greet as well as the concert at the Colden Theater (Queens College) on September 18, 2010 went on as planned. "The show must go on..."

The entire photo gallery can be viewed here:

Richard M Reyes interviewed Nonoy Zuniga, Rey Valera, Rico J Puno & Marco Sison at Payag 9/17/10 from Luis Pedron on Vimeo.

or see the interview here:

Friday, September 17, 2010

Blogging - An Introduction

I started as a photographer and writer for traditional media (newspapers and magazines); although these publications are distributed in print and some through the media outlet's website. Today was my beginning in world of Blogs. I know a number of friends and relatives that are veteran bloggers and have only thought about blogging before. Until today, I never thought I would actually do it. I have seen a number of blogs out there: personal (where one posts their own thoughts-normally you are welcomed to their world), technical, fashion, food, travel (where products and services are reviewed), photographer's blogs (where we can experience first hand photographers' (mostly wedding) shoots. However, there are other types of blogs as well which garner a great following: Sports blogs which blur the distinction between traditional beat writers and bloggers and other news-type blogs which are similar to news sites but have a personal flavor.

I am not certain in which category I will eventually end up in since a lot of these topics are of interest to me. I suppose, for those who "touch" this blog, we will find out together.

It will be like photographic film, "waiting to develop."


Richard M. Reyes

US Open Quarterfinals (Federer) - Nina Mojares performs America the Beautiful

Here is a photoblog of the afternoon and evening of September 8, 2010 during the US Open Men's and Women's Quarterfinals at Arthur Ashe Stadium (Center Court)

Queens Asian Feastival

By Richard M. Reyes & Luis Pedron

NEW YORK - Flushing, Queens - On Labor Day, September 6, 2010, many residents and visitors were on their way to the 7 train line station on Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue. They were on their way to Flushing Meadows Park to see the U.S. Open. However, at the Sheration LaGuardia East Hotel, there were about 600 people present at the debut of the Queens Asian Feastival produced by Wendy Chan, the founder and principal of Definity Marketing. Wendy Chan described the Queens Asian Feastival as a celebration of Asian food. Many Asian countries were represented including: China, Taiwan, South Korea, Burma, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Tibet, India, the Philippines, and Japan.

On the second floor of the Sheraton LaGuardia East was an Asian food feast to satisfy a number of senses: sight, smell, taste, and touch. Chef George Wong, Executive Chef at the Chopstix Restaurant (8405 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY) was on hand demonstrating beautiful works of art featuring hand carved fruit. There were two watermelons carved into different types of flowers and two that were embossed (one was of a man) and a cantaloupe which he carved live in a shape of a rose. Chef Wong explained that the largest and best fruit is the watermelon because it is solid; unlike a cantaloupe with is challenging because if you cut too deep you could cut through the fleshy portion of the fruit and lose the design.

A contest was held by DM News that polled visitors for their votes in three categories: Most Creative Restaurant, Most Popular Restaurant, and Most Delicious Restaurant. The following restaurants took home the titles and were presented onstage with a plaque.
1. Most Creative Restaurant:Payag Restaurant (Filipino)
2. Most Popular Restaurant:Nan Xiang Dumpling House (Shanghainese)
3. Most Delicious Restaurant:Hahm Ji Bach (Korean)

Payag, which means "Bahay Kubo" or "Nipa Hut", voted the Most Creative Restaurant designed their booth to look like a small Nipa Hut with bamboo and featured a lechon as the centerpiece. They served four other items: humba tartlets (cane sugar, peanuts, salted black beans, and star anise), kinilaw canapes - Filipino style ceviche with fresh tuna and cucumber with coconut, and two dessert ensembles - Banana Langka (Jackfruit Toron with Caramel Sauce) and Halayang Ube (Purple yam): Executive Chef Raymond Ganados said that he was surprised and pleased at the turnout considering that it was Labor Day and in the midst of the U.S. Open. A Filipino who tasted Payag's offerings said, "I've never tasted Filipino food like that before."

Nan Xiang Dumpling House, voted most popular restaurant, is best known for their freshly made soup dumplings. These are dumplings (pork and crab) that are filled with a spoonful of soup.

Hahm Ji Bach, voted most delicious restaurant, had a tasty selection of tender Korean Kalbi bbq ribs (comparable to pulled pork), complemented with tofu and kimchi (river cabbage).

Non-dishes included: Pureness Health featuring Brown Rice Vinegar; Golden Star Tea with Jasmine Sparkling Tea - a non-alcoholic beverage which reminds one of champagne, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, Dassai Brewery & Mutual Trading Company - Sake.

Tashi Lakpa Sherpa, the General Manager at Himalayan Yak Restaurant (7220 Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY 11372-6335) said he was pleased to see the crowd and have an opportunity to introduce people to Yak Momo's (Dumplings filled with Yak Meat) topped with Avocado sauce. Tashi is joined by other exhibitors who look forward to participating next year with new and creative dishes.

Though some may have missed the popular Srirapthai for Thai Food; Ploy Thai represented Thai Cuisine with two scrumptious traditional dishes popular at the Feastival. Bea Asavajaru from Ploy Thai explained, "Miang Kham which is light snack made from roasted coconuts, ginger, shredded pork, red onion, peanuts, fresh lime; it is chopped and mixed with fish sauce and lime juice and wrapped in betal leaf." and "The Kang Som is a Sour Curry soup with Shrimp, papaya and fish."

Guest speaker Philippine born Chef Michael Ty, the president of the American Culinary Federation was flew in from Las Vegas and explained the role of the American Culinary Federation in America and the benefits of becoming a member. He said, "I'm here enjoying the melting pot of Asia with all different types of food from different parts of Asia, I believe its the first event I have ever been, that exposed all different Asian cuisines equally."
Comptroller John Liu, exclaimed that "Asian Cuisine is #1!" The crowd responded with applause and cheers. Peter Koo, NYC Councilman (Flushing Queens), "I would like to thank Wendy and Veronica Chan for doing a wonderful job in organizing this event successfully bringing the East and West together."

Wendy Chan was joined by her daughter Veronica Chan who congratulated Payag and the exhibitors; they were appreciative of all the hard work invested that resulted in such a great event. Wendy added, "As an Asian American, as a Queens resident, I am so proud that we are coming today to celebrate our culture through food. Food has the ability to bring people together and find our strength to combine our efforts so that we can become a stronger community."

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