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Friday, November 5, 2010

BBC World Challenge - Vote for the Philippines! Mabuhay ang Pilipino!

The BBC World Challenge is an annual international competition held by BBC World News and Newsweek. The purpose of this challenge is to find "projects or small businesses that have shown enterprise and innovation at a grassroots level." This year the Philippines has been selected as 1 of 12 vying for the international title. The winner will also receive $20,000 to continue their research.

1. Mexico - La Isla Urbana - rain water harvesting and filtration system
2. Guatemala - Long Way Home - Building at lower cost using recycled material
3. Peru - Sierra Productiva - Pass It On (knowledge sharing)
4. Denmark - MYC4 - Internet Marketplace
5. Rwanda - e.quinox - Charge of the Light Brigade
6. Kenya - David Osborne - Jompy - Double boiled drinking water
7. Malawi - Full Belly Project - In a Nutshell
8. Tanzania - Chumbe Island Coral Park - Ok Coral (saving coral reefs)
9. Zambia - Zambikes - Growth Cycle (bamboo bicycles)
10. Madagascar - Blue Ventures - One reef at a time (preserving reefs)
11.India - Husk power systems - Burn after eating (burned rice husks produces electricity)
12. Philippines - Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation Inc. (AIDFI) - The Only way is up - RAM pumps using energy from water (no electricity) to provide water to high elevations. VOTE!

Please vote for the Philippines HERE.

The Official Facebook page is here

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