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"And God said, Let there be light: and there was light." (Gen1:3)

Light is the essential tool in any artist's bag. It is the element that allows the eye to see. As a photographer, light is the medium for my intention to capture emotions and moments.

READY and ABLE! We are blessed to love what we do and we want to share your blessings with you:
1. Love and Creativity of Photography
2. Capturing the warmth of your special moments

I capture your event personally and may be accompanied by staff members as necessary:
1. Professional and sensitive dress and demeanor to blend into your event
2. Prepared with appropriate equipment to properly capture your event

Published Work / Digital and Print
* Asian Journal
* Filipino Reporter
* Filipino Times
* Philippine (Daily) Inquirer
* Roots of Peace (photo of Theodore "Ted" Sorensen)

Charity / Benefit
1. Kalusugan Coalition
2. San Lorenzo Ruiz Choir

Awards / Projects
1. Bergen County Award for Videography and Photography (2010)
2. Payag Artist of the Month Photo Gallery and Exhibit (2010 November)

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