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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

adecisiontolove: on Cargo Collective

Woohoo! adecisiontolove has been invited to be part of the Cargo Collective.

It is a beautiful simply designed site that is clutter free. It allows the web visitor to focus on the excellent artwork that has been specially prepared for their pleasure.

Come on down and check out our design home at the Cargo Collective. Link below:


Business Card Designs & Graphic Inspiration | Pixel Cards

Business Card Designs & Graphic Inspiration | Pixel Cards

Philippine World War II Veterans

Head over to my project page from the super-excellent"ly" designed Cargo Collective.

adecisiontolove: World War II Veterans

Project Applications that are Easy to Test » Offshore Software Testing | QATestLab

Project Applications that are Easy to Test » Offshore Software Testing | QATestLab

Make a tag cloud from any RSS feed, site, search query or text, then add it to your website or blog

Make a tag cloud from any RSS feed, site, search query or text, then add it to your website or blog

Make a "Word Cloud" Wordle

Interesting how the tag clouds from words we see is based on an equation:
In principle, the font size of a tag in a tag cloud is determined by its incidence. For a word cloud of categories like weblogs, the frequency of use for example, corresponds to the number of weblog entries that are assigned to a category. For small frequencies it's sufficient to indicate directly for any number from one to a maximum font size. For larger values, a scaling should be made. In a linear normalization, the weight ti of a descriptor is mapped to a size scale of 1 through f, where tmin and tmax are specifying the range of available weights. from Wikipedia

Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming - MindMeister

Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming - MindMeister

Monday, March 21, 2011

Project Page: Music Video - Archie D' "Fly" on MYX Philippines

A new project page has been posted for Archie D's "Fly" music video produced by Richard M. Reyes ( This comes in time for the airing of Archie D's "Fly" on MYX Philippines. MYX is one of the premier music television programs in the Philippines.

Archie D, Philippine Golden Record holder and achiever, in his first ever music video debut "Fly". "Fly" is written, composed and performed by Archie. "Fly" Music Video is produced & directed by Richard M. Reyes (

* Filmed on location by Richard M. Reyes
* On location lighting by Perla G. Reyes & Aviela G. Reyes.
* Make Up Artist Perla G. Reyes.
* Dance choreography and performance by Nicole
* Archie D's wardrobe by S.T.A.R.
* Special Appearance by Producer Louis Diaz

You can help uplift Fly by reaching out to MYX music.
From the Philippines: (online: or here: and asking them to play this music video.
Outside the Philippines (TFC Subcriber): You can request the music video through The Filipino Channel.
Outside the Philippines (non-TFC subscriber): You can also request the music video online:

Music Video for Archie D'

iTour Seoul Best video!

The best video I thought in the iTour Seoul video series was "The Seoul Boomerang Expert". The best part was when the boomerang was thrown behind a wall and then rang a "gong" on the other side.

This blog post entry was initially posted as part of an expired contest on the visit Seoul e-Tourism website ( However, I have been to Seoul once before and really loved it. I walked around down town and had the opportunity to stay at the W hotel in Walker Hill. I found Walker Hill to be a very classy place and these iTour videos did a great job of introducing an interesting element into the videos alongside the modern and cultural places in Seoul. I can agree that it is an up and coming international city. Seoul is also a city known for it's sheik modern design.

If the Visit Seoul team has an opportunity to review this blog review and still consider me for the prizes I would be extremely appreciative. In any case I am thankful for your time and visiting my blog.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

San Lorenzo Ruiz Choir 20110305 Seasons of Love

NEW YORK - More than a teaser, less than a full show, the Seasons of Love video is here to highlight the talent and the vocal rainbow known as the San Lorenzo Ruiz Choir. Produced by Richard M. Reyes

American Minute

A Decision to Love Online Gallery