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Thursday, October 28, 2010

WebcamMax - Review

I first heard about WebcamMax while setting up for my first photo exhibit at Payag Restaurant in Queens, New York. My family and friends were not all based in the United States (or New York City) for that matter so I needed a solution for streaming the pre-recorded content. After some research I googled WebcamMax and thought it would be the ideal solution.

I am on a very tight production budget -- almost none and I needed the right technology to do the best job. I was hoping for a product that didn't have to cost a lot to provide the high-class quality live stream production I envisioned in delivering.

I also didn't have much time to learn new software. I finally decided on LiveStream live streaming service combined with the ease and power of WebCamMax. Without spending anytime on the instructions, I was quickly able to test my live streams using a variety of media, from stills, desktop, mpeg-4 videos, and a webcam. WebCamMax was the bridge that provided me with the production power I needed to get the job done--period.

I spent a few hours the night before the big production and I was very pleased to see WebCamMax. I left on the stream for 30 minutes straight to make sure that the video was smooth. I could finally get some rest... And be assured that the technology solution I had would work!
Bottom line is: fast, simple, easy, and smooth! These are the most important factors and you shouldn’t have to have a migrain “trying” all the products before buying. After I tried WebCamMax I am convinced enough to think that my viewers will have the same experience I did (though they may not realize that I am using WebCamMax…and it is better that way). Transparent solutions are the best when delivering high-end quality to your customers.

I will have to update this blog review another day on the results. Being a technology professional in the field of Quality Assurance, I am trained to push software to the limits. I pushed WebCamMax and it did not break. Bravo! to the CoolwareMax Corporation, who are the brains and programming muscle behind WebCamMax.

On another note: I hope that my first gallery opening will be successful on two fronts: Live and Internet. At least I have succeeded in one thing already...No choppiness and clear streaming with the help of WebCamMax.

For more information, please go their website at: Don’t take my word for it. Take a look for yourself and be your own judge. You can download WebCamMax here:


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