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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Introducing i411

Get the lowdown on technology without having to be a certified geek. This new blog is reporting on technology within the concept of lifestyle. How does technology fit into your life? We are all experiencing changes in technology.

In 2004, when I got my Dual 1 Gigahertz Power Macintosh (dual drive doors) and Macbook G4, these machines were at the forefront of technology. In 2011, these machines definitely show their age. As a video editor, I realized that within 7 years, there has been a lot of technology updates that have allowed for editing Full High-Definition video. Back in 2004, those machines were ready to edit Standard Definition video that viewed fine on regular television sets before plasma, LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays), and LED (Light Emitting Diodes). Nowadays, clients too have kept up with technology and are seeking out a minimum of DVD quality and there in an increase in demand for Blu-Ray content to complement the large 40"+ television sets in their homes. Pretty soon DVD quality is like the way of the Betamax and even the longer-lasting VHS (Video Home System) tapes which took over the video format for most of the 1980s and part of the 1990s. Even the VideoCDs which were all the rage (mostly in Asia) in the early 2000s are mostly forgotten.

So please join us at: and enjoy the technology talk using the new interface. The link displays the "sidebar" view.

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