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Monday, March 21, 2011

iTour Seoul Best video!

The best video I thought in the iTour Seoul video series was "The Seoul Boomerang Expert". The best part was when the boomerang was thrown behind a wall and then rang a "gong" on the other side.

This blog post entry was initially posted as part of an expired contest on the visit Seoul e-Tourism website ( However, I have been to Seoul once before and really loved it. I walked around down town and had the opportunity to stay at the W hotel in Walker Hill. I found Walker Hill to be a very classy place and these iTour videos did a great job of introducing an interesting element into the videos alongside the modern and cultural places in Seoul. I can agree that it is an up and coming international city. Seoul is also a city known for it's sheik modern design.

If the Visit Seoul team has an opportunity to review this blog review and still consider me for the prizes I would be extremely appreciative. In any case I am thankful for your time and visiting my blog.

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