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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pacquiao, the Ringmaster, and His Traveling Circus -

Pacquiao, the Ringmaster, and His Traveling Circus -
Pacquiao continues to make global press. Here are some interesting quotes from the article:
* "boxing’s most talented fighter and certainly its only legislator."
* "On their last training trip to the Philippines, Roach visited Pacquiao in the national legislature, where he had a motion passed that Roach said made him a citizen. Roach...watching Pacquiao in a fancy suit, how serious he was, Roach saw the future. “One day, he’ll be president,” Roach said."
* "A man approached and asked if Pacquiao was a movie star. Told he was a boxer, he said, “Oh, yeah, the little one with the hair!” A few minutes later, he returned and said, “That’s the one Mayweather won’t fight, right?”"

The U.S. refers to Pacquiao's entourage as a traveling circus. On the other hand it could be a physical representation of Filipinos' support for the country's and one of the world's greatest boxing legends.

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