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Monday, December 20, 2010

Photography as a Culinary Art

Certain terminology and processes in cooking are essential in photography.

Creativity is required to bring the imagination to reality.
Hard work is the key ingredient. Through practice skills are honed.
A chef has a sharp knife ready to cut through the meat.
A photographer with his tools, ready and cleaned.
His mind: ready to act. His body: Closely listening to the instructions of his mind

Striking photography can be through high-contrast.
Exotic dishes created with unlikely pairing of ingredients.
High heat and Strong light can liven up the dish and subject

The subjects and locations are like the ingredients and cooking styles.
Both familiar and unique.

In the end,
The dish must be tasty and presentable;
The photo a visual h'douvre
that strikes your eye and touches your heart

A short saying in Tagalog (Filipino) language of the Philippine Islands:
Sa pagkuha ng litrato
Timplado ang ilaw
Huwag masyadong malakas
Maluluto ang balat
Huwag masyadong mahina
Kasi mawawala ang lasa

English Translation
In taking a photo
The light is perfectly seasoned
Not too strong
It can burn the skin
Not too weak
Because you will lose the flavor
(of your subject)

-Richard M. Reyes
2010 December 20

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