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Friday, September 17, 2010

Blogging - An Introduction

I started as a photographer and writer for traditional media (newspapers and magazines); although these publications are distributed in print and some through the media outlet's website. Today was my beginning in world of Blogs. I know a number of friends and relatives that are veteran bloggers and have only thought about blogging before. Until today, I never thought I would actually do it. I have seen a number of blogs out there: personal (where one posts their own thoughts-normally you are welcomed to their world), technical, fashion, food, travel (where products and services are reviewed), photographer's blogs (where we can experience first hand photographers' (mostly wedding) shoots. However, there are other types of blogs as well which garner a great following: Sports blogs which blur the distinction between traditional beat writers and bloggers and other news-type blogs which are similar to news sites but have a personal flavor.

I am not certain in which category I will eventually end up in since a lot of these topics are of interest to me. I suppose, for those who "touch" this blog, we will find out together.

It will be like photographic film, "waiting to develop."


Richard M. Reyes

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